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Dr.NUTRA Daily Protein Shake , Chocolate Flavor

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  • Daily Protein Shake is a combination of dedication merged with Vitamins, Minerals, and other nutrients.
  • This nutritious blend of Daily Protein Shake helps in muscle and mass gain and assists you in building a lean & athletic body with less calorie consumption.
  • This dairy-based dietary supplement grants consumption flexibility with water or milk, protein cakes, smoothies with fruits, protein bars, etc.
  • Daily Protein Shake Contains 10gm Protein, 25 types of Vitamins, Mineral and Herbs Blend, Sugar-Free, High Fiber
  • Take 2 Scoops of Powder (35 g)
  • Add 200 ml of Skim Milk and Shake or Blend it Properly
  • Shake Thoroughly and Consume
  • For Best Result try at least 60day

Dr.NUTRA Daily Protein Shake 500gm Chocolate Flavour

Daily Protein Shake from 3 best quality proteins from 100% natural sources like whey, soy & milk protein, Calcium and folic acid which is highly responsible for regaining strength, immunity with high amounts of protein. The chocolate-flavoured Daily Protein Shake is the perfect combination of essential Vitamins, Nutrients, & Minerals which helps in gaining muscle and mass and assists you in building a fit athletic body.


  • What is the effect of consuming Daily Protein Shake?

    It helps boosts immunity and increases bone health which improves overall health

  • Does a person who doesn’t exercise gain benefits from it?

    Yes, you can gain benefits by consuming regularly. But, to increase its effectiveness, we suggest you have a balanced diet and at least 30 minutes of exercise.

  • Is it free of caffeine?

    Yes, for the most part, but if you order cold coffee flavour, there would be a certain amount in it.

  • How many servings per pack?

    Around 17 (with around 30gm per serve)

  • How to consume?

    It depends on your taste, but we recommend consuming it with Skimmed Milk

  • Does this help gain weight?

    No. This product is to fulfil the daily nutritional needs of the human body. For gaining weight, Checkout our Weight Gainer Range.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Disha Doshi

100% recommended Product. Thank you Dr Nutra for providing us with nutrition.

Yash Gandhi

Good Product, Best Buy!

Kuldeep Mehta

I have been consuming this product for 15 days and I have started seeing results in my body and health. Good Product

Nilparna Sharma.

Love the texture and the effect the drink has been providing me. Will surely recommend this product to my other GYM colleagues.

Riya Mehta

When it comes to nutrition I was really worried about trying a new company but I must say this is the best decision I have ever made. I am in love with Dr Nutra’s products. 100% must-buy products.