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Dr.Nutra Pre Workout Instant Energy Drink 1kg ( Flavour As Per Selection)

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  • The unique formulation of Energy Drink is an instant energy formula that helps restore lost electrolytes and aids in speeding up recovery in athletes, sportspersons and gym-goers.
  • Replenish Energy Glucose is stored in the muscle cells and is the primary fuel for sports and workouts.
  • Each serving of Energy Drink delivers 20g dextrose, easily absorbable glucose which helps recharge muscle cells improves fatigue threshold and builds energy.
  • Take 2 scoops of powder nearly around 35gms to 40 gms
  • Add 200 ml water and shake well till the powder is completely dissolved.
  • Consume it Pre, During or Post Workout.

Dr.Nutra Energy Drink 1kg

Energy Drink is a scientific formulation to hydrate and energize sports persons, fitness enthusiasts and athletes. A drink that enriches the inner potential, which is filled with powerful essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.  Heavy-duty workouts and sports result in the loss of fluids and electrolytes, via sweat resulting in fatigue, reduced energy and less than optimum performance needs a supremely beneficial drink that will surely help you rejuvenate your fitness goals.


  • Does it contain Ashwagandha?

    Yes, it is filled with natural ingredients that are good for our bodies.

  • How much Sugar does one serving consist of?

    Our products are sugar-free so you can consume them guilt-free

  • How to use this product?

    Consuming it is very Simple, kindly reference the usage information for more details.

  • Can pregnant women consume it?

    We would recommend you consult with your physician or gynaecologist before consuming it.

  • Can children consume it?

    No, We do not recommend this for children.

Customer Reviews

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Nagesh Shidling
I haven't received product

I haven't received my order.. 😭


Being a cricketer & on-field I have been in constant need of energy drinks and Dr Nutra’s Energy Drink is surely a must-buy product as it is very hydrating.

Ashok Gupta

It is very effective and surely keeps your body hydrated.


Bohot mast energy drink hai, taste bhi aacha hai


The drink surely improves and boosts energy levels. Most consumed drink for summers.