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Dr.NUTRA Plant Based Biotin for Hair Growth 250gm

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  • Plant-Based Biotin is a combination of 10,000+ mcg Biotin powder HIGH STRENGTH derived from herb sesbania to help control hair fall & hair thinning.
  • The drink is additionally used to improve Immunity, Stamina, Glucose Intolerance, Energy Metabolism, Healthy Blood cells, Active Lifestyle, Neural health, etc.
  • Take 2 scoops of Plant-Based Biotin
  • Add 200 ml water and mix well
  • Consume it Pre, During or Post Workout

Dr Nutra's Plant-Based Biotin is India’s one of the leading Whole Food Biotin Blend of 9 plant-based 100% natural nutrition’s. Which is specially developed to help you get the glow of your skin, nourish hairs and nails with the help of the natural form of Biotin. With the real goodness of natural and organic ingredients, Plant-Based Biotin is extracted from 100% natural Sesbania Agati which is beneficial for hair and skin.


  • How does this product works?

    Plant-Based Biotin stimulates blood flow which promotes hair and nail growth and also brightens skin.

  • What if this product doesn’t suit me?

    Our Plant-Based Biotin builder is designed keeping in mind your safety.

  • Is it safe to consume this product?

    Our biotin builder is derived from plant sources that won’t cause any harm if taken in the recommended quantity.

  • From when can we expect to see results?

    With a good consistency and healthy diet, one can expect to see results around 3 months

  • Is this allergy-free?

    No lactose or nut derivatives are used in this product so yes; it is allergy-free but please verify the ingredients panel to double-check.

  • How to improve its effectiveness?

    Having a healthy diet, a bit of exercise, and also parallel use of our Plant-Based Biotin can have maximum results

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Anurag Sharma

The taste is amazing it is made up of pure organic ingredients. My Hair is getting voluminous and my nails have been better after drinking this regularly once a day. Very amazing biotin Powder.

Harsh Desai

Best product at a reasonable price and good taste of flavour .... really enjoyed this time. I recommend it to my friends & family.

Piyush Verma

This is a revolutionary product from Dr Nutra which effectively change your hair and skin tone and you will notice from the grassroots level, it is a charismatic product on day to day basis, for youth generation it will definitely this product.


It has amazing flavour and totally values for money. Totally easy to swallow and definitely go for this product. Loved it!

Priyanka Vakilna

This product is pretty good... Taste is amazing...and It is made up of natural ingredients and plant-based biotin which helps in flawless glowing skin and also helps in hairs, Nails and if you are facing acne problem then this product is really very helpful....