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Dr.NUTRA Vegan Plant Protein Chocolate Flavor 1Kg

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  • Plant Protein energizes your everyday routine by providing all essential Aminos combining Organic Pea Protein Isolate, Organic Brown Rice Protein, and Organic Quinoa
  • Helps you meet your daily protein requirement.
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • Boost immunity & aids speedy recovery
  • Easy to digest plant-based Protein that is cholesterol-free and sugar-free
  • Take 2 scoops of powder nearly around 35gms to 40 gms
  • Add150 ml water and shake well till the powder is completely dissolved
  • Can be consumed during or after workout

Dr.Nutra Plant Base Protein 1Kg

Plant Protein is a 100% vegan-friendly plant-based protein powder that is formulated to provide a rich amount of protein that is sourced from natural ingredients like brown rice, peas, & other essential nutrients and vitamins extracted from various other natural ingredients.


  • Is Plant Protein better than whey protein?

    Plant-based protein can be consumed by anyone and is light on the stomach. As whey protein is derived from milk, lactose-intolerant people can’t consume it. Also, lactose is heavy on the stomach causing bloating.

  • What is the source of protein in this supplement?

    Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein

  • Does it contain soy?

    No, it doesn’t

  • How many servings from 1kg pack?

    42 Servings (24gm recommended in each serving)

  • Can someone use who is not doing exercise?

    Yes, Of course. This is a protein source. Anyone who wants to increase protein intake can consume it

  • Does it contain any nuts?

    No, it nut-free

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Abhishek Mehta

You can see very good improvements in your overall body in just 1 month

Riju Sharma

I am taking this capsule for 4 months. I am giving my opinion on it. First thing when I start taking it I feel more energetic even after work than before. It reduces some pain that increases after any hard work. I am feeling more healthy and I will always recommend everyone to go for it.

Sej Shah

It’s quite good. Omega 3 is a must for every home. As you hit 30s start taking it religiously. It’s good for hair, skin, and overall every part.

Sakshi Doshi

As a professional bodybuilder iI will recommend this brand to everyone who needs fish oil... it's simply awesome and much worth it.


The drink has a good and tasty flavour. Despite having all the healthy ingredients, I was a bit sceptical initially to try a big container of Plant protein. But this tiny pack gave me an opportunity to try this flavour and help me understand if I can continue consuming it. Now I am confident enough to purchase the bigger pack.