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Dr.NUTRA Women Weight Gainer (Flavor as per Selection) - 500gm

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  • Dr. NUTRA Women Weight Gainer concentrates on all the important ingredients especially milk protein, soy & whey. For instance, all these major ingredients are 100% natural.
  • Milk protein offers a great amount of calcium that simply makes your bones strong. Whereas, iron & folic acid contributes to making the blood formation process normal and normalise the immunity functioning
  • Women Weight Gainer simply increases your hunger with no side effects. With the added goodness of 25 vital vitamins & minerals for complete nutrition
  • Take 200ml of warm or cold milk
  • Add 2 levels scoop and mix it well and consume daily 1-2 time
  • Take 30min Before any Meal and Also Suitable After Meal
  • For accurate results, Take Dr. NUTRA Women Weight Gainer at least For 2-month regularly

Dr.NUTRA Women Weight Gainer Unique Formula

Mass Gainer is a high-calorie weight gainer which is also high in protein and when taken over time with regular resistance exercise and a balanced diet can help you gain mass and muscle. A high-quality wellness precept that is designed to achieve Body Composition Goals. The formula is curated with enriching multivitamins, nutrients, and minerals.


  • Who should consume Women Weight Gainer?

    If you need weight management, not getting enough nutrition, or have an extremely busy lifestyle, this product is for you.

  • What are the ingredients in this women's weight gainer?

    Plant Protein Blend (Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein) Cocoa Powder (in Chocolate Flavor), Brahmi Powder, Moringa Powder Wheat Grass Powder, Chlorella, Ashwagandha Extract, Ginseng Extract, Safed Musli Powder, Maca Root Extract, Stevia (INS 960)

  • Is there a scoop inside?

    Yes, the powder comes with a perfect measuring scoop to help you consume a perfect quantity of mix.

  • How many servings in 1Kg?

    10 Servings (100 gm per serving is recommended)

  • How much time does it take to increase weight?

    It depends on person to person, daily activities, genes, and food habits. But this product can surely help you achieve your goals if you are consistent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Disha Doshi

Awesome Product, Must try.


It is a very good and useful product. Since I am a girl I was a little bit confused if it work or not and feared side effects. But it worked magically. I gained 3.5 kg in 1 month [I also maintained some diet charts (taking almond, egg, sattu etc daily)and regular morning work and exercise] and didn't face any side effects. Its taste is also good.

Ananya Shah

Overall packaging was excellent, I tasted it first time today and found it very delicious as I added only one scope of powder I've one should add 3 scoops then it will be awesome I will post another review after completing It for 2 weeks.

Sakina Adwani

I like it. I have used this product for my weight gain and yes it showed improvement I have not used it as they said I did not take 3 scoops at one time I only take 1 scoop twice a day randomly. nice flavour very fine powder It will be very creamy if you mix 3 scoops. I don't feel any side effects. yes, I like it and I will buy it again.


It's a very good and useful product. I gained 6.5kg weight in 15days by using this. I personally recommend if u want to gain weight use this.