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Plant Protein (1 Kg) + BCAA (250 gm)

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  • Pure BCAA i.e. Branched-Chain Amino Acids help boost muscle growth and metabolism.
  • Plant Protein energizes your everyday routine by providing all essential Aminos combining Organic Pea Protein Isolate, Organic Brown Rice Protein, and Organic Quinoa.
  • 100% Pure BCAA aids muscle repair, promotes lean mass and minimizes tissue damage.
  • Plant Protein is 100% Vegan Friendly.
  • BCAA
  • Take 5gm (1 Scoop) Dr. NUTRA BCAA into 200ml Water and Shake it in a Shaker.
  • Consume Before, During and After Workout.
  • Take 2 scoops of powder nearly around 35gms to 40 gms.
  • Add150 ml water and shake well till the powder is completely dissolved.
  • Can be consumed during or after the workout.

Dr.NUTRA BCCA Powder The Building Block for a Fit & Salubrious Physique

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Embrace your workout regime with powerful drinks of 100% vegan Plant Protein and the goodness of BCAA which helps you revitalize your fitness goals. The powerhouse drinks help you meet your daily dietary requirements and are filled with essential nutrients and vitamins which are extracted from various ingredients and get noticeable results.


  • Is Plant Protein better than whey protein?

    Plant-based protein can be consumed by anyone and is light on the stomach. As whey protein is derived from milk, lactose-intolerant people can’t consume it. Also, lactose is heavy on the stomach causing bloating.

  • What is the source of protein in Plant Protein?

    Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein.

  • Who can consume BCAA?

    If someone is highly active in gym activities, this is a perfect product for you as it helps build masters faster and make them stronger by providing essential amino acids.

  • Does it contain any nuts?

    No, it nut-free.

  • How many flavours of BCAA are available?

    There are Lychee, Watermelon, Pink Guava, Blue Raspberry, Green Tea, Green Apple

  • Can someone consume Plant Protein who is not doing exercise?

    Yes, Of course. This is a protein source. Anyone who wants to increase protein intake can consume it.

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